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About Avida Home Health

Avida Home Health Agency was established in February of 2020, servicing Denver Metro area and across all Colorado and as a new agency we strive for perfection and 5 star service for our patients. It has been established by a Registered Nurse with many years of experience in health care such as hospital settings - orthopedics, spine, general surgery and dialysis. Our company knows how crucial it is to ones well-being to have a safe environment provided by skilled and experienced staff, but we also know that there is nothing better than the walls of your own home. Walls of your home is the most healing of all. Being hospitalized or admitted into other institutions possess a huge risk of infection, hospital acquired complications and becoming a number for some overworked and burned out healthcare workers. Avida wants to make sure you get to keep your independency for as long as God allows with help from caring souls.

About The Owner

Naira Petrosyan RN BSN, with 13 years of clinical experience in orthopedics, spine, neurology, med surg, leadership and healthcare management. My major skill is working with patients, I enjoy every and each interaction with my clients, it is empowering to me to be able to serve, educate and train. With 3 years of experience in dialysis, I have a passion to help our dialysis population, to educate about their restrictions, to make sure they feel their best and keep up with treatments. I have seen a lot in my time as dialysis nurse in the hospital, I have experienced from the first hand how patients are being discharged from the hospital with minimal education about their condition, which ends up with them being hospitalized and ending up fighting for their life. I am a strong advocate for healthy and safe lifestyle, to fight diabetes, high blood pressure and other factors that lead to kidney failure. I started my company to be able to make a change in how people are treated at home, to increase their safety and improve their well being. Avida will always the best advocate for clients.